LS Swap Wiring

If you are anything like us, we HATE wires all over the place. Nothing gets our OCD going like seeing “universal” internet harnesses. We try and build our harnesses on a per vehicle basis so we know that we wont have wires running everywhere.

No matter the vehicle, we can wire and fire your LS swap. After over 50 LS swaps under our belt, we have had to integrate LS engines into just about anything.

Drive By Wire

Drive By Cable


Auto or Manual

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LS Swap Mounting Solutions

Our saying is “We will put an Ls in anything” and we mean it! Do you have a vehicle that is out of the ordinary? We can fabricate LS mounts for any vehicle.


Auto or Manual

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Forced Induction

Looking to go fast? We specialize in forced induction and custom forced induction kits. Can’t find an off-the-shelf kit that kits your needs? No big deal, we will fabricate a turbo or supercharger kit to fit your horsepower goals.

Turbo Kits

Supercharger Kits

Custom Fabrication

Need some custom parts fabricated for you vehicle? Radiators, Exhausts, Catch Cans, whatever it is, we can make it. Contact us for a quote for your custom fabrication.